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Our team has over 25 years of experience working with clients to develop people, processes, and tools that are necessary for continuous improvement so that we can help deliver success in your organization. Each of our clients is unique, with their own challenges and needs, which is why we developed our solutions and services so that you can do more! We have invested in the right tools, processes, team, and software partnerships to provide an all-in-one, high-quality service. Looking to transition to a PMaaS model? We can help!

What is PMaaS?

PMaaS (Project Management as a Service) is a novel approach to mobilizing agile projects, programs, and change management services. The approach is one in which the partner oversees all aspects of service delivery, including recruitment, onboarding, and training, in order to create cost savings and organizational capability while simultaneously enhancing project and program execution performance.

Why PMaaS?

Good project management skills are valuable for any business, but they aren't often where most companies focus their efforts.

Studies conducted by PM Solutions Research have shown that while some companies choose to train their own staff in project management, the most successful companies instead opt to bring in outside consultants to help them.

Project management as a service (PaaS) occurs when a specialist provider of services handles the recruiting, training, and management of program and project personnel (PMaaS). Using PMaaS, businesses gain immediate access to PM Solutions' seasoned project and program managers, whose leadership skills are crucial to the smooth execution of high-profile projects.

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Benefits of PMaaS

  • The time and money spent on finding and training new employees can be avoided.
  • Reduce the effort and inconvenience of assembling and integrating new personnel.
  • Learn quickly from a team of seasoned professionals who specialize in managing projects, programs, and portfolios.
  • Maintain cohesion throughout projects by utilizing tried and true experts
  • Manage timelines, keep tabs on progress, and keep an eye on risk and earned value to boost performance transparency.
  • Demand and capacity planning for project management resources are optimized.
  • To improve a company's ability to adapt to changing circumstances,
  • Improve the availability of information needed to make decisions and the transparency of project performance as a whole

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